2-Pack: Ashland Halloween 3 Light Flickering Flame Gothic Candelabras

  • These are 16" tall by 8" wide each!
  • The pillars are 5.5" tall or 6.75" including the bulbs
  • They flicker like real fire!
  • But they’re not real fire!
  • So SpoooOOOOoOoOoooOOky!
  • Their favorite point guard in the 90s: Spooky Blaylock
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Spooky Season Is Upon Us

The days are getting shorter. The leaves are starting to change color. The temperature is dropping. Fall is just about here. Which means, things are about to get a lot… SpoOkIeR!!!

Okay, look: you might be an out-and-out Halloween freak, or you might be someone who enjoys putting up a few decorations to celebrate whatever holiday happens to be on the horizon. Either way, you’ll want to get yourself a couple of these candelabras. They’re fun and mildly creepy with little flicker lights that mimic a burning candle without any of the dangers of, you know, real fire.

So, set them on your mantle. Or put them next to the door when trick-or-treaters are coming around. Or place them near your dining table while enjoying a romantic Halloween dinner with your partner, maybe one based on a recipe from a horrific celebrity chef. You know who we’re talking about. People like:

  • Gore-don Ramsey
  • Frankensteina Garten
  • Guy Fi-eerie
  • Werewolfgang Puck
  • Ann Boo-rrell
  • Bobby Slay
  • Geoffrey Scaryian
  • Snarla Hall
  • Sandracula Lee
  • Emeril Laghosti
  • Rocco Di-spirit-o
  • Masaharu Mori-Momo
  • ScaRee Drummond
  • James Feared
  • Julia Child Seen in the Upstairs Window by the New Maid at the Old House where No Children Live… Anymore

Do we perhaps watch too much food TV? Absolutely. But do these puns prove all the hours spent bingeing Food Network were worth it? Absolutely not.

These candelabras are pretty rad, though. So get some!

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