2-Pack: Anker USB-C Power Strips with Power Delivery

  • Each one has 2 AC outlets, 2 USB-A ports & 1 USB-C port
  • USB-C features 30W power delivery to charge things fast
  • Good for home or the office or when you’re on the road
  • Is it Mac compatible: Actually, yes, it is very much Mac-compatible, and that’s no joke
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Easy Power

Being a Meh copywriter is often a very simple job. But then there are times when it’s not so simple, which is, counter-intuitively, when the products themselves are very simple. Like today.

Let’s say we’re selling a keychain breathalyzer that’s also a UV-cleaning wand and bluetooth speaker from some company called KoolTechnoz or something. Yes, there’s a lot going on there, but all I have to do is find some way, over the course of a couple hundred words, to be like, lol, check this thing out, WTF, amirite?! I don’t need to concern myself with trying to make it seem awesome or anything because it’ll be priced to sell, whether you want one sincerely or you’re buying it to give as a gag gift.

Then, there are products at the other end of the spectrum: the really great, exciting products. In this case, all I need to do is tell you, yes, this really is that thing. And yes, that really is the price we’re offering it for. And then, if it makes sense, I can explain how we’re able to sell such a cool product for so cheap. I.e. it’s pink. Or, it’s Danish. Or, the company’s marketing made it sound too complicated. Or, the company’s marketing didn’t make it sound complicated enough.

But what is there to say about this 2-Pack of Anker USB-C Power Strips?

Anker is totally solid, though not very exciting brand. These things have normal outlets. They’ve got USB ports. They’ve each got a USB-C port. You can switch power between the outlets and the USBs very easily thanks to a clearly-marked button in the middle. The USB-C port features “Power Delivery” (aka, it’s got 30w output to charge your USB-C enabled stuff pretty fast). They’re easy to mount. They’ve got fire-retardant casing, overload protection, and other features to keep your stuff safe. They’re good for travel. They’re good for home. They’re good for the office. They’re good for… cruises? Specifically? They make a point to say as much over on the Amazon page, so I thought I’d repeat it here.

I was over there, by the way, on that Amazon page, because I was looking for some reviews that might give me something to highlight. But they’re all super straightforward. Like this one, from user Sid:

Anker advertises 30W USB C output and 12W USB A, I confirmed these values with my USB multimeter, see photos. I also tested the total output combined to be over the advertised 42W. Overall I’m happy with the power strip

Or this one, from user Hygaard:

Works great and is very compact, just a bit larger than a hockey puck. I’ve had an iPad Pro plugged in to USB C port with a phone and another tablet on the USB A ports and it charged them all simultaneously without issue. It charges my iPad Pro at least as fast as the 18 watt charger from Apple. I like it so much I’m going to buy another one for my desk at work.

Or this one from user Spaghettisaurusrex:

I was running cables from a surge protector to my desk and leaving them plugged in sittting on my desk which was a problem because my cat would play with the cables. Now with this strip I can easily unplug and plug things in right on the top of the desk and the addition of the 30w PD port is great for our 2017 MacBook Pro and 2018 MacBook Air, it charges both perfectly and is much easier than having to get the charger brick out every time.

At least that one brings pets into the equation for a little spice.

Anyway, you see what I’m saying, right? It’s just a good, simple, sorta boring product. So what am I even supposed to write about it other than… well… uhh… all this, I guess?

In conclusion, buy yourself a couple. They’re good.

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