2-Pack: Anker PowerPort III 65-Watt PD Chargers

  • Your iPhone didn’t come with one
  • USB-C, so it can charge stuff fast
  • You should always have a few of these
  • How do these promote reading: They don’t, but these shirts from Mediocritee do
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You'll Lose Them

Maybe you left one of your charging blocks at mom’s house over the holidays, and rather than explaining to her what it looks like and having her ship it to you, you just say, screw it.

Or maybe you remembered to pack it, but the problem is you put it in some weird interior pocket of your big suitcase–the one you only use once or twice a year–and totally forgot. And since, again, you barely ever take that thing out, there’s no way you’re going to find it until who knows when. Your summer vacation? The holidays next year?

Or maybe you didn’t forget it or lose it in your luggage. Maybe you brought it with you to the basement. You know, because the hot water heater had been acting up and you wanted to see what you could do yourself before calling a professional. Which meant watching a bunch of YouTube videos and using your light a lot. Aka, things that drain your phone’s battery. And you forgot to bring it back upstairs, which means it’s basically lost forever, because you’re never going to think to check the outlet next to the hot water heater in the basement when you’re looking for a missing charging block.

Or maybe you’ve done none of these things, but you anticipate you might, possibly do something like one of these things in the future.

Here’s the deal: charging blocks are small. Hence, you’re likely to lose them. Plus, they’re important. Hence, losing them is annoying. Except, they’re not so important. They’re not like your car keys or your phone or your wallet or some other thing that you absolutely need and is difficult to replace. In fact, they’re pretty easy to replace/stock up on, since we sell them all the time for cheap.

So, if you’re thinking of not buying these, ask yourself this: have you ever been frustrated because you need to charge your phone and can’t find any way to plug it into an outlet? Of course you have! On the other hand, have you ever been frustrated because there are simply too many things you can use to plug in your devices? No way!

So, buy them.

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