2-Pack: Anker PowerLine+ III USB-C to Lightning Cables (6ft)

  • Anker’s top-tier cables at a low-tier price
  • You’re gonna lose one of these somewhere along the way
  • Along the way where?
  • Anywhere, along the way to anywhere
  • Favorite Burt Reynolds movie: White Lightning
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A (Pre)Christmas Miracle

“Honey, you know that guy we met at the airport?”


“The old man who asked me to borrow my iPhone charging cable for a minute?”


“With the big white beard and the little glasses?”


“Fairly rotund?”


“Who kept talking vaguely about how busy this time of year is for him, though when we asked him what business he works in, he said only, ‘the gift industry’?”


“Kept talking about proper nutrition for caribou?”


“Referred often to his ‘little buddies up North’ who are ‘working overtime right now’?”


“The guy who asked Billy what he wanted Santa to bring him, and Billy said he didn’t believe in Santa Claus anymore, and the guy got legitimately sad-looking and said, ‘Well, maybe Santa will just have to prove he does exist with a little Christmas magic’?”

“I remember the guy.”

“Well, I think he–”

“–Was Santa Claus himself?! Oh! My! Gosh! It all adds up!”

“That wasn’t what I was going to say.”


“No, I was gonna say: I think he stole my friggin’ charging cable! I can’t find it anywhere!”

“Oh. Annoying. Well, I guess you’ll have to check Meh.”

“Wow! How about that? They’re selling Anker USB-C to Lightning Cables today! It’s a–”

“–Christmas Miracle?!”

“I was going to say coincidence, but that works too.”

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