2-Pack Anker 5-Port PowerDrive 50W Car Charging Station

  • Turns your car’s cigarette lighter into a HUB OF CHARGE
  • Seriously, the more USB ports the better, right?
  • 50 watt output through 5 ports
  • You get 2 of them
  • Model: A2311H22-1, not be confused with the A24, which is Anker’s really artsy, prestige charging hub
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Refreshingly Unambitious

We really appreciate Anker.

First of all, they’re a small oasis of sanity in the Wild West that is the world of accessories.

You know what we’re talking about, right? Like, on the one hand you’ve got the big name brands that think a little half-eaten apple logo entitles them to charge something equivalent to a month’s rent for a power cord. And then, on the far end of the spectrum are the accessories you get off the spinny thing at the gas station counter, where it’s a great stroke of luck if they work at all, let alone last for any meaningful period of time.

Anker? They just make stuff that’s affordable and solid.

And simple.

That’s the other thing we love about Anker. The field of consumer electronics and accessories is crowded with companies trying to really make a splash. Sometimes, they do it the right way. They develop an interesting product or approach and it greatly improves life as we know it. But that’s rare.

More often, they try some sort of gimmick in how they sell their product. Like, it’s a subscription box of watch batteries, or you take 20 minutes filling out an only survey so a “virtual charge stylist” can match you to the power bank that fits your needs.

Stupider still are the companies that use the Sky Mall mash-up slot machine approach. Pull the lever and the product ideas spin. Whatever two or three they land on, that’s what you put out, which is how you end up with things like an ice cream maker with a built in bluetooth speaker and selfie-cam, or a flashlight-on-one-end-stick-blender-on-the-other/UV-light cleaning wand.

But Anker doesn’t mess with that stuff. They don’t have delusions of grandeur. They see problems that need fixing–like, say, when you’re on a long road trip and need to charge a few things at once–and they roll out products to fix them. That’s it. They don’t overdo it. They’ll never shoot to be a Devin Booker and end up an Andrew Wiggins. They’re totally content being a PJ Tucker: a solid player who gets things done.

So grab a 2-pack of these 5-Port PowerDrive 50W Car Charging Station. They’re not exciting, but you’ll be glad to have them.

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