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2-Pack: Angelina Fleece Pajama

  • Get a jump on Mother’s Day shopping with a 2-pack of pajamas: 1 fleece gown, and 1 shirt-and-pants fleece combo
  • Choose a fun style for both
  • Sorry, can’t mix and match patterns
  • So so so soft
  • Model: P4JM0M45
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Give Mom A Break

Mother’s Day is two months away. So you have plenty of time to get that special something that makes mom feel like that special someone. But why wait? Why not get a jump and grab a 2-pack of Angelina Fleece Pajamas. They work as gifts for mom on two different levels.

The first level is the practical level. You get 2 kinds of pajamas here: a gown, and a 2-piece shirt-and-pants combo. There are 5 different styles to choose from (the gown and the 2-piece will be in the same pattern). But not only are they fun to look at. They’re also super soft and comfy. And doesn’t mom deserve a little comfort?

Which brings us to the second level: the symbolic level. Because what do moms really want most for Mother’s Day? A break from being mom.

Notice we left an ‘a’ out, because that’s important. Someone becomes ‘a mom’ when she has kids. It’s not an entire identity, but it’s a part of it. But being ‘mom’ is a totally different thing. A mom is a woman who has children. Mom is a job.

A difficult job, we might add, with very poor pay. Duties often include: breakfast preparation, lunch preparation, transport to and from activities, bad dream interpretation, amateur medical advising, tutoring, puppy request denying, aquarium cleaning, human biology explaining, conflict de-escalation, and much much more.

And so how do you communicate to your mom–or your partner who is a mom–that you understand their need to take a day or a morning or a night off once in a while? You give them some fun pajamas. Because pajamas are not just sleepwear. In fact, we’d venture to guess that many people don’t even wear pajamas to sleep. They wear a t-shirt and a pair of shorts or old sweat pants or what have you. Pajamas are reserved for lazy mornings or cozy nights in.

So by giving mom these Angelina Fleece Pajamas, you’re saying: mom, relax. We’ll be fine. Have a cocktail. Have a mimosa. Have some tea. Close the bedroom door. Turn on the TV. Enjoy some you-time. You’ve earned it.

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