2-Pack: Aduro PowerUp Passenger 5 Port USB Car Charger with Backseat Clip

  • Does your car have a cigarette lighter?
  • Now it has 5 USB ports for charging stuff
  • 2 for up front, and a clip with 3 more that can reach the back
  • And then multiply that by 2, because this is a 2-pack
  • Model: B0RN-1N-TH3-U58
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Family Time

Hi, I’m a dad taking my family on a road trip, and I didn’t buy an Aduro PowerUp Passenger 5 Port USB Car Charger.

At first, it didn’t seem like it would be a problem. Our devices were fully charged, which meant that my wife and I could listen to episodes of Reply All from her phone in the front, while in the back my two daughters could watch Netflix on their tablets and my son could play his Switch Lite.

It was great. We were making excellent time and our spirits remained in tip top shape.

Then we hit a traffic jam in the middle of Minnesota. What caused it, I have no idea. For an hour and a half, it was nothing but rolling fields to either side and bumper-to-bumper traffic as far as I could see on the highway. We got out of it eventually, but the damage had been done.

My wife’s phone went into low battery first. We decided to preserve it, in case of an emergency, so we turned off Reply All and turned on the radio. The only signal that came in remotely clear was one halfway between two regional stations. All we could hear were people calling in to discuss solutions to a water main issue played over top of smooth jazz.

We killed the radio and enjoyed some silence. It lasted as long as the tablets remained charged.

When they died, my daughters turned their attention to my son. One told him the tooth fairy wasn’t real, which seemed mean at first, and I told her to stop. But then the other told him that the tooth fairy was real, and actually her body was made entirely of old rotten teeth, except for her arms, which were tentacles. Now my son won’t stop screaming to pull over at every rest stop so he can get some super glue to apply to the base of his loose tooth.

My wife, meanwhile, has managed to unearth the wine we intended to share when we arrived at the motel tonight, and she seems to be confessing to some awful crime she committed in her adolescence. My daughters and I have told her to stop, that we can talk about this at another time, but she keeps saying, “No! The truth must come out!”

In conclusion, I should have invested in an Aduro PowerUp Passenger 5 Port USB Car Charger.

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