2-Pack: Acoustic Research Santa Cruz 30-Watt Wireless Outdoor Speaker Lanterns

  • Actually good speakers!
  • Good sound and a bunch of cool light modes
  • Use both of them for stereo sound
  • What do these have to do with classic sci-fi shows: nothing, but if that’s what you’re into, maybe check Mediocritee
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Actually Good!

Here’s what we’re looking at here:

Now, we get it. You’re probably thinking: 150 bucks?! For 2 goofy little light-up speakers?!

And the answer is: not really.

As in: they’re not all that goofy, and they’re not all that little.

You’d think that something with multiple flicker settings would be a fun, cheaply-made gimmick. But the truth is, these are high-quality speakers that just happen to have, as we just mentioned, multiple flicker modes.

And when we say high-quality, we’re not basing that on some product copy, but rather on the user reviews over at Amazon. There you’ll see they have an overall rating out of 4.5 out of 5, and, when broken down by feature, their sound quality gets a 4.4 out of 5.

Pretty good, right? And even then, you’ll find a bunch of people saying: “Make sure you get 2! It sounds better in stereo!” And guess what? We’re gonna send you 2! For the price of a single speaker on Amazon!

But, look, this is on us. We sell a lot of silly bullshit on this site, and so it’s totally fair if, at first glance, you think these are some more silly bullshit. But also, when we sell silly bullshit, we’re usually pretty clear about it being silly bullshit. So when we tell you these aren’t our usual silly bullshit, believe us, okay?

And then buy some flickering speakers.

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