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2-for-Tuesday: Frigidaire Professional Jelli Cutting Boards

  • Model: 68235
  • “Jelli” is actually pretty hard, firm plastic, despite the name
  • Each set has a large green, medium blue, and small orange one
  • You get two sets of three in each purchase
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Any board can be an amateur board. These are professionals.

We’re wondering about these Frigidaire Professional Cutting Boards. Wow, professional. What does it take to lie flat and still with excellence? How can a simple plane raise its game to truly elite levels of planeness? We all enjoy flatness as a hobby. But only a select few ever make a living at it. What’s their secret?

It must be color coding, to separate your vegetable hacking from your meat butchery. And coming in three different sizes, too, so you can keep the boards straight even if you’re color-blind (we guess?). And being made, not just of plastic, but of plastic with a silly name. Or maybe that should be silli name. This is the stuff professional cutting boards are made of. This is what separates these Frigidaire Jelli Professional Cutting Boards from all those part-timers and pretenders.

True gourmands are happy to pay extortionate prices for pretentious cutting boards, like they do for their knives. Knives are only half of the equation, after all. Try mincing some garlic in mid-air and you’ll soon find out life isn’t a game of Fruit Ninja. You need some kind of surface to offer resistance to the knife. And if something is worth doing, it’s worth over-doing.

When you actually see these Frigidaire cutting boards sitting still at a professional level, you will understand. You will see the difference. You will believe.

Because otherwise this is just six flat pieces of colored plastic. And what’s so special about that?

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