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2-for-Tuesday: 39" Emerson 1080p TV's (Refurbished)

  • Two TVs and yes you have to take both
  • No built-in streaming, apps, WiFi, whatever
  • They only connect to whatever you can physically plug them into like a TV should
  • 1080p, but you’ll have to sit close to notice
  • Why the hell would you buy two TVs?
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How cheap will you go?

The appeal of these Emerson TVs is simple and obvious: the biggest TV you can get for your money. No streaming, no apps, no jaw-dropping refresh rate or whatever. Just a vast expanse of screen for a vastly tiny price. It’s the Louisiana Purchase of TV real estate deals.

But it could be an even better deal. Just follow these 14 simple steps:

  1. Find a friend who might be in the market for a cheap TV.

  2. Make sure he or she has no idea what Meh is.

  3. Ask this friend if he or she wants to go in on this great deal you found for two TVs. Your TV costs: $150.

  4. Tell your friend you’re super-excited about this TV. He or she will agree these TVs are a steal at $200 apiece. Your TV now costs: $100.

  5. TVs are heavy! Tell your friend his or her share of shipping will be $35. Your TV now costs: $65.

  6. Oh, but darn it, you have to pay a fee to join this discount club you’re buying the TV from. It’s only right that your friend should help out to the tune of, hmm, how does $25 sound? Your TV now costs: $40.

  7. Now let’s really kick it up to mattress-salesman levels of gouging. Maybe you have to make a few overseas phone calls to sort out the shipping. Your friend can kick in $10 for that. Your TV now costs: $30.

  8. And send some overseas faxes. Another ten-spot. Your TV now costs: $20.

  9. And send some overseas emails. Yeah, it’s outrageous what they charge for that nowadays. Five bucks, pal. Your TV now costs: $15.

  10. You’ve heard something about sunspots messing up TVs. Better get sunspot insurance. Three bucks each. Your TV now costs: $13.

  11. Five bucks each to tip the delivery guy. He works hard for that money. Your TV now costs: $8.

  12. You deserve a little something for the rental of space in your house to store your friend’s TV until he or she can come pick it up. $3 sounds fair. Your TV now costs: $5.

  13. Every hoodlum in the neighborhood saw those TVs being loaded into your house. You’re now a burglary target. Better pick up a few rolls of pennies and a sock to protect yourself and your friend’s TV. You provide the sock, your friend provides the pennies. Your TV now costs: $3.50.

  14. If your friend is going to watch TV, he or she needs to know what’s on. Buy a copy of the Sunday paper to get that pseudo-TV Guide they put in there. Your TV now costs: $1.50.

There, now your price is down to less than four cents per diagonal inch. You could probably think of some other ways to drive that price down, and even make some money on the deal. But what kind of friend would that make you?

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