120-Pack: JelliFit Immunity & Energy Support Gels

  • Flavors include strawberry, mango, peach, and green apple
  • Zinc to keep you healthy
  • 30mg Caffeine and 500mg taurine to keep you awake
  • These jelly things are usually a lot. more. expensive.
  • Best by 3/31/23 (Even the Feds say you can eat food after Best By)
  • Can these make margaritas: no, but they can make margaritas extremely dangerous
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The Cure For The Winter Blues

Could these be… the cure for the winter blues?!

Think about it! The winter lacks:

  1. Color: there’s something beautiful about freshly fallen snow. And also, there’s something super gross about snow that’s just been sitting there, thawing a little when the sun comes out, refreezing when night falls, leaving behind a brown-tinted crunchy slushy mess. And then, if that snow melts entirely? The grass it reveals is gray and dead, the branches of the trees skeletal and leafless.

  2. Health: As the temperatures drop, colds fester. Everyone is trapped inside, and germs travel from person to person. Your spouse’s coworker stands behind someone coughing at the grocery store and then comes into work coughing the next day. The day after that, your spouse comes home coughing. The day after that, you go to work coughing.

  3. Energy: It’s hard to get out of bed in the morning when it’s cold and dark. Also, it’s hard not to get into bed at 5 in the afternoon when it’s cold and dark again. And sure, it makes sense to go into hibernation mode sometimes. But the sun working half-days doesn’t mean you have less to get done.

These things provide:

  1. Color: You get some strawberry gels, some mango gels, some peach gels, and some green apple gels. Those are bold, bright, and dare we say, summer-y flavors, perfect for combatting the gray of winter.

  2. Health: They’re loaded with zinc, so they can boost your immune system and help you overcome (or avoid) a nagging cough or runny nose going around.

  3. Energy: They’re loaded with caffeine and taurine, so you can pop one before your workout. Or, you know, when it’s 10 degrees and the sun hasn’t come out and you need to go thaw out your car.

In conclusion, these are the cure to the winter blues.

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