12-Pack: Vicks Immunity Zzzs Immunity Support (336 tablets, 168 servings)

$0.17 per serving (serving = 2 tablets)

  • They taste like delicious elderberry and sweet dreams
  • Loaded with antioxidant zinc and melatonin to put you down easy
  • Just take a couple a half-hour before bed and try and plan for more than 6 hours of sleep
  • You get 12 bottles, each with 28 tablets. That’s 168 nights of rest.
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Sleep On, Sleepers

Ah, November! When things get cold, and you get colds! For that reason, it’s good to be well-stocked on your two standard quils–Day and Ny–so that you can make it through the waking hours and sleep through the sleeping hours even with a scratchy throat and a whole bunch of mucus.

This isn’t a quil, though. No, this stuff is for when what’s keeping you up isn’t postnasal drip, but rather existential brain drip. I.e. when you just want some shut-eye, only you need a little help turning off the thought faucet without flooding your system with cold medicine.

Here’s what you do: you pop two chewable tablets a half-hour before bedtime and then you let the antioxidant zinc, melatonin, and elderberry get to work weighing down your eyelids. It’s that easy. In fact, the hardest part is figuring out how to spend that last 30 minutes of wakefulness.

Our advice? Do something enriching that nonetheless helps you transition to sleep. Like, for example, you might read some sleepy literature. We’re talking about picking up a tome by a great sleep-inducing author like:

  • George Snorewell
  • Langston Snooze
  • Flannely O’Comforter
  • Yawn Steinbeck
  • Napthaniel Hawthorne
  • Bedgar Allen Poe
  • Zzzora Neale Hurston
  • Emily (hit-the-)Bront-hay

Or, if you want something philosophical, you might check out the works of A-rest-otle.

Okay, we know. Nobody likes our puns, not even us. And for the record, that’s all these are: puns. These authors are all great, and we don’t mean this to be a statement about how we feel about their work. We’re just goofing off here.

But what’s not a goof are these chewable tablets!

In fact, we took two when we started working on this write-up. So why don’t you buy some while we find a place to get horizontal.

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