12-Pack: Fun Putty Assorted 1.8oz Tins

  • Each tin is 1.8oz and you get 12 tins, so 21.6oz of total putty
  • 4 tins are marbleized, 4 are glow-in-the-dark, 4 are clear
  • Sorry, the putty in the tins
  • If you’re a real putty head, check out the putty parlor over on SideDeal
  • Model: PUTTY-TH3R3-P4RTN3R
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Give In

This is how we do it: we sell some putty and you buy it, ostensibly for your kids or your friends’ kids or your nieces and nephews.

But then, when you take it out to show them what it is, you realize that it’s actually pretty satisfying to play with. You pull it apart. You feel its slimy squishiness between your fingers.

It returns you, momentarily, to a childlike state yourself, a state devoid of existential crises, a state where all that matters is what is fun and what is not fun (and things in the latter category are to be avoided at all costs unless they lead to the former).

It’s nice, right? You’re home all day. Things are stressful. Your eyes water from so much screen time. And while the golden age of television has brought about some great shows, let’s be honest: so many of them are depressing as hell. The putty allows you to turn off your brain, to engage in something satisfying and almost primal.

But this is just the beginning.

Soon you find yourself hoarding more and more fun putty. You sell your phone and your laptop so you can have the money to afford it all. But then, after some time even putty seems too “advanced.” Some of it glows in the dark. Some of it is marbleized. Some of it is clear. None of that seems natural enough. Wouldn’t it be better to just dig up a bunch of dirt from your backyard, put it on the kitchen floor, run some water onto it, then strip naked and just roll in it? Doesn’t that also return you to a state of infantile delight, something akin to the joy you once felt splashing in puddles and playing in the rain without a care?

This phase will last some months, but eventually you will come out of it. And when you do–when you’re standing there in your kitchen, naked and alone, mud caked all over your body, free of all technology, and suddenly you realize: I’ve gone too far; I must re-civilize myself–you might just be so desperate to get your hands on something more modern than wet dirt that you even consider buying some of the garbage we sell half the time!

That’s how we get you.

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