100-Pack: Love, Corn Premium Crunchy Corn

  • A whole lot of corn snacks in a variety of flavors.
  • We’re talking habanero, sea salt, BBQ, cheezy, salt & vinegar…
  • You get 100 packs!
  • They’re 0.7oz each, so that’s over 4 pounds of crunchy corn
  • Does it make margaritas? No, but it’s light enough to work as a garnish on top.
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The Best Deal Since Sky Corn

Let us tell you a little story while your brain does some background processing to get a feel for what 100 packs of corn snacks looks like when you dump the Meh box out on the kitchen counter. Spoiler: it looks like a medium-sized pile of corn snacks lying in the shadow of a maniac overly pleased with an impulse internet purchase.

But the story.

The story is that once upon a time, we cut a deal for a preposterously large inventory of these things because an airline apparently overestimated how many corn snacks people would eat at 30,000 feet and someone needed to unload a bunch in a hurry, which is kind of where we shine.

But we had, like…a lot. Maybe too much. An uncomfortable amount, certainly.

We started thinking about that guy who invested his life savings in fidget spinners right before everyone stopped giving a shit about fidget spinners. Had we done the same? Had we flown too close to the sun?

Naw. Because in a move of mild desperation we decided to sell them 300 at a time and you weirdos were like: “Yep. I definitely wasn’t shopping for crunchy corn snacks, but now that you mention it, I need at least six pounds of crunchy corn snacks.”

(By the way, six pounds doesn’t even sound that crazy, but these things are pretty light. Six pounds is a lot.)

Anyway, we put the 300 packs up for sale and you were all about it. We were a little puzzled, so against our better judgement we waded into the comment section to make sure ya’ll weren’t using these to trap squirrels or throw at old ladies or something, and we learned that…

…people just LIKE these. Genuinely. Unironically.


But to be fair, they’re satisfyingly crunchy. And not overly filling. A more or less guiltless munchable, you might say.

It also turns out that there were way more flavors out there beyond whatever happened to be lying around a warehouse no longer destined for in-flight snacks. We’re talking habanero, sea salt, BBQ, cheezy, salt & vinegar—all the greats when it comes to snack flavors. This means that even if you don’t give a shit about corn (you monster), you can at least embrace corn as a platform for enjoying your favorite seasoning.

The only downside? If you want 300, you’ll have to buy this thrice. Which is—and we’re just saying pointing out the facts here—totally permissible.

Your move, weirdos!

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