100-Pack: KN95 High Efficiency Respirator Masks

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  • Model: TH3-M45K-4T-H4ND
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Mask Season

Now, we’ve sold masks a bunch of times over the past eighteen months. But these masks are different!

Well, okay, actually, they’re not different. They’re more-or-less the same exact masks we’ve sold all those other times. Only now it’s October. That means, these are Halloween masks.

That’s right! Not only do they protect you and those around you from getting sick; they’re also the perfect building blocks for a ton of great Halloween costumes!

Here are just a few we came up with:

A famous person with a mustache: It might seem like a fun idea to go to a Halloween party as Burt Reynolds or Gomez Addams, but that requires quite a bit of work and/or adhesive. You either need to start growing and styling that stache in late September, or you have to put on a fake one that’s bound to come off. Unless, of course, you wear one of these KN95 masks! Then, the mustache is implied!

A person who doesn’t have a mouth and is very sensitive about it: This is a really easy one. All you do is put on a mask, go to a Halloween party, and whenever anyone asks you what your costume is, you don’t say a word. Because you “don’t have a mouth.” Eh? Bonus: you don’t have to talk to anyone! Downside: No drinks, no snacks.

A March 2020 grocery shopper: Another simple one. You just need one of these masks, a crazed look in your eye, and a shopping cart loaded with enough non-perishable food to feed a family of six for about three months.

A Liar: Take a mask and write “This is not a mask” on it. Boom. Done.

A Subversive Artist: Same as the liar costume, only, at the end of the night, you sell the mask for $600,000.

See! There are so many great costumes you can use these masks for!

Or, on the other hand, they might not even arrive by Halloween, so you could just keep them in your car or your purse to have in case you forget your reusable one.


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