100-Pack: KN95 5-Layer Masks

$0.39 Per Mask

  • 100 masks
  • We don’t know what to say anymore, okay?
  • These are the good kind
  • Wear them if you forgot your reusable one
  • Or wear them under your reusable one
  • Model: JU5T-W34R-1T
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Okay, so we said that winter was the best season for mask wearing, and we were right. Partially. The mask does catch some of your breath, keeping it close to you, thus warming your face on the cold walk from your car to the grocery store.

But here’s another thing we noticed: masks can sometimes pull your ears forward. And with your ears pulled forward, it can make wearing a knit cap uncomfortable. Moreover, it gives the cold air a way in. And if you ask us, cold ears are maybe even worse than a cold face.

But now? Now that it’s not quite sweaty summer weather yet? But also not so cold anymore? So you don’t have to wear a big hat? Now it’s perfect mask weather!

And hey, if you’re somewhere where knit cap season isn’t quite over, great news: the elastic ear straps on these are nice. Very comfortable. Stable without pulling your ears too hard.

Are we really scraping the bottom of the barrel here, in terms of mask-related content? Yes, absolutely! How could we not? We’ve been selling these things every other week for how long now? And there aren’t really features to discuss, except one: they keep you, and those around you, safe.

And if you’re like, Meh, c’mon! We’re almost out of this thing, our answer is, okay sure, but being ‘almost out’ of something also means ‘not being out’ of something. So you should still wear a mask.

What’s more, if this past year has taught us anything, it’s how much stuff can circulate in a closed space.

So maybe, if you’ve got that coworker who refuses to use sick time, having a few masks at your desk is a good idea. And maybe, if every flight you take results in a low-grade but nonetheless unpleasant head cold, having a mask in your carry-on, to put on as soon as the first sneeze echoes through the cabin, isn’t a bad idea.

In conclusion, masks help, so just wear them.

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