20-Pack TrackR Pixel Bluetooth Tracking Devices With BONUS Batteries

Packaging on bundles will vary based on the bundle selected

  • 20 little devices to make lost keys ring with a phone
  • These max out at 10 per device, so this is two phone’s worth
  • All you need is an app and a little bluetooth
  • The batteries in these might be dead, but we’re throwing in 20 extra ones
  • These work with Android devices, unlike some others
  • Each one of these comes with a keychain loop, and a hole in the device to put said keychain loop through the device
  • These come in multiple colors
  • Model: TR4CKR-N-F13LD
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Those Other Shorts

Greetings. Tis I, that pair of shorts you rarely wear.

Every supervillain has an origin story, some moment from their past that explains their nefarious behavior. For me, it is an accumulation of slights. First off, there were the weeks spent folded on the display table, watching as my more stylish brethren were taken. Then, there was the move to the clearance rack, months spent among all manner of vile rejects.

I was jaded and bitter already, of course, but then, out of nowhere, there seemed to be hope. You arrived and bought me on a whim! Here it was, my chance at a new life!

Only–and this is really what hardened my heart forever–you regretted your purchase immediately, wearing me just once before stashing me at the bottom of a bureau drawer.

I spent months there, plotting my revenge. The day would come when I could get back at you! It just had to!

Then, sure enough, on a warm morning in May, when all of the more comfortable options were in the hamper, you called upon my services, and vengeance was mine. Not only did I hug your thighs in a way that looked unappealing anywhere but in the department store’s dressing room mirror, I also took something from you. Something you need. Something you… can’t leave home safely without.

Your keys!

I would hold them just for a bit, I thought, so that you would understand the full extent of my wrath. Only, it turns out, you might think of me even less than I realized. Maybe you’ve forgotten you wore me at all. And now it’s been days since you’ve had your keys, days in which you’ve started and abandoned frenzied searches once every hour, it seems.

Honestly, I feel kind of bad. But really, this is your fault. And not just for crossing me, but for not investing in some super cheap TrackR tokens. All you need is an app on your phone to make them ring, and then viola, you’ve found your keys.

At any rate, I have gotten the justice I desire. Now you should get the tracking devices you need.

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