Rechargeable LED Flashlight With PowerBank and Charging Dock

  • On the one hand, it’s a strong little flash light with 250 lumens and 5 light modes.
  • On the other hand, it can serve as a power bank to charge your phone in a pinch.
  • Don’t know why we said that in a way that makes it sound like those features are at odds with each other.
  • For a dollar less, get the pink one. It’s easier to find. Trust us, you’ll be okay owning a pink flashlight.
  • Model: CL3SV. The CL stands for “Cool Little-ChargeLight-you-got-there-buddy.”
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Pink It Over

2019! The Year Of The Charge… uhh… charges on? But we’ll be honest, this isn’t about charging. It’s about challenging.

Okay, wait, it is actually a little bit about charging. Because that’s what these things do. They’re basically a pretty powerful little pocket-sized flashlight–with 250 lumens and 5 light modes–that, in a pinch, can charge your cell phone by way of a USB port.

There. Those are the basics. Now, let’s get back to the challenge part: we’re offering two color options. One is silver, the other is pink. The catch? We’re selling the pink for a dollar cheaper.

Is this a “huge deal”? No. Or, not exactly. But think about it: you come here to buy useful gadgets and various goofy bullshit for as little money as possible. If you weren’t at least a bit cheap, you wouldn’t be checking this website every day. Hell, you probably wouldn’t even know we exist.

So the question is, are you really going to spend a dollar more on something just because it’s a neutral color? That’s all it is. The pink one is exactly the same as the silver, only it doesn’t demand you face your outmoded ideas of what is and is not masculine. You’re not getting something that’s a dollar better with the silver one. You’re getting something that’s a dollar… less… bright?

See? It doesn’t even make sense! This is a combo miniature flashlight/power bank. This is not a “work product.” You don’t need this to look super professional or sleek or anything. One of its two functions is specifically so you can see in the dark, when no one will know what color it is.

If anything, the pink is cooler. It’s eye-catching. It won’t blend in with any number of other silver-looking gadgets you likely already own. If you open a poorly organized drawer of miscellaneous stuff looking for your ChargeLight, the pink will stick out in an instant. “There,” you’ll say, and you’ll be on your way well before the other you–the you who lives in an alternate universe and thought, “What will the guys think?” and so bought the silver one–is done even inspecting just the initial layer of gadgetry, picking up the same Zippo lighter and putting it back into the pile disappointed, over and over again.

So, jeez! Just get the pink one, okay? It’s cheaper! And it’s exactly the same! I can’t believe we’re even doing this! Ugh!

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