You have GOT to be kidding me.

PlacidPenguin thought this was worth mentioning said

Earlier this month I got emails from eBay that if I list items by certain dates and sell them by other dates, I would get coupons.

Ok. That made me happy since I like eBay coupons.

I listed and sold a piece of bubble wrap for $0.99 with local pickup.

5 days later I got a $25 coupon.

Wanting to get the other coupon, I listed another piece of bubble wrap.

Last night though, I turned my phone on only to see that it was removed after 4 days for violating a “copyright, trademark, etc.”

Wait… What?!?

Ok. So I emailed the email address with the company which filed the complaint asking for more details, along with an offer to link them to the previous listing so that I could be told exactly what I violated.

Reached out to the eBay VeRO Team, and all they could say was that they received a signed legal document and had to pull the item.

Not going to really fight, mostly because I’m still not exactly sure what I violated…