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Dear :

As you are aware, American Lighting, Inc. has implemented an Internet Minimum Advertised Price Policy (“IMAP Policy”) with respect to certain American Lighting products. American Lighting implemented its IMAP Policy because it was concerned that some dealers were using artificially low prices on American Lighting products to build traffic to the detriment of American Lighting’s entire distribution system. These low prices not only undercut dealer profit margins on American Lighting’s products; they also create negative quality images for consumers.

It appears that the price reflected on your website for 3-46 Foot LED Light Strips does not comply with American Lighting’s IMAP Policy. Specifically, the price advertised on the website ($3-$22) is greater than the designated minimum price listed on American Lighting IMAP Policy Pricing Sheet.

As a result of this violation, and pursuant to American Lighting’s IMAP Policy, American Lighting has unilaterally decided to cancel all open shipments and future orders of American Lighting’s 3-46 Foot LED Light Strips. American Lighting reserves the right to accept orders of 3-46 Foot LED Light Strips in the future, but again, American Lighting’s decision of when and whether to accept future orders will be a unilateral one.*

Thank you for your support of the American Lighting brand. All questions regarding this issue should be directed to me.


Jake K.
Ecommerce Sales Specialist
IMAP Administrator
American Lighting, Inc.