WWYD Puppy v Baby


Ok so I am looking for some opinions here. As I think everyone knows I have a 10 month old pup. He is super active and likes to jump, run and play with EVERYONE.

I also have a neighbor with a roughly one year old kid. So the kid is walking pretty good and babbles. Apparently she loves animals (awesome) and is super attracted to the pup (meh). I think because he is fluffy and animated like a Muppet.

The neighbors have stopped by a few times telling me how excited the kiddo is every time she sees the pup and wants to pet him. First few times I politely explained that I am really working on his impulse control. That he gets super excited when people approach and he wants to jump up to greet them. I don’t think he wants to hurt anyone, he is just so excited he cannot stand it. Told them maybe we should hold off until he gets a little older and burns off some of that “puppy energy”. They were dissapointed but finally continued on their walk.

So about two days after the last talk they showed up while I was in the yard and just let her walk up to him. I quickly gave him a down command to make him submissive and just held my breath. He did good. She kind of hit/pet him a few times - so happy he just laid there (thank god).

Now seems like every time I am outside and they are outside they walk her down. Through his training he is doing so much better, but I am telling you it is not perfect. I continue to work with him every day to help him understand what is and is not acceptable.

My concern is for the baby and my pup. I don’t want him to jump on her and she falls down and gets hurt. I don’t want her to pull his hair or hit him and have him paw her (he play slaps back) or nip at her - that has consequences for both.

What do you guys think. Am I being overly paranoid?