werehatrack went on a bit of a rant said

Early last week, on two consecutive days, boxes from Chewy appeared unbidden on my doorstep, addressed to people who’ve never lived here, with my street name ever so slightly misspelled. Both times, I contacted Chewy to ask them what to do with them, and their response was that they didn’t need them back.


Today, another box of similar size materialized from PetMeds, and while I haven’t opened it, I strongly suspect that it contains the same useful, not-cheap item that the first two did. This one has my street name spelled correctly, but it’s addressed to a horribly mangled version of my old name, with a Bonus! New! Datum! in the form of a presumed-bogus cell phone number in the Columbus, OH, area. (Reverse lookup scores zero hits on it.) PetMeds is closed for the holiday, so an email to their CS address is off and running with full details.

I have no clue what is going on here. Once is an error; twice is a suspicious coincidence, but three times… is something I truly cannot even start to guess about.

The floor is open to wild speculation.