World Elephant Day -- August 12


Yes, today is World Elephant Day!

Why should elephants get a day of their own? Well, besides simply being awesome, they are “endangered” (African elephants) or “vulnerable” Asian elephants. World Elephant Day raises awareness of their plight.

How to honor elephants on World Elephant Day:
– In light of their threatened status, DO NOT kill any elephants today. Not a single one. Pinkie swear.
– Be kind to any elephant you encounter on the street, at the mall, etc. (What, you never saw an elephant at the mall? What do YOU know? When is the last time you went to a mall?)
–Watch the live-action “Dumbo” on Disney+. With more than one person watching (with the appropriate social distancing of course), it’s worth the $6.99 even if that’s all you watch. Eva Green riding a flying elephant? I’m in!
–For some reason, elephants were often the subject of silly, clean jokes from a time when you were less wrinkled and cynical. Here’s one; maybe you can post some others here:

Q: Why do elephants paint their toenails red?
A: So they can hide in cherry trees.
Q: Have you ever seen an elephant in a cherry tree?
A: (they will say NO). Works, doesn’t it?!