Who wants some bags?


Hey Everybody,

I’ve been a lurker since the Kickstarter days, and (apparently) a VMP since 2015. As I approach my 7th year anniversary, I’ve decided it’s time to trim back my subscriptions, so sadly Meh needs to go.

However, it’s not all Doom and gloom! I’ve got more IRK/Fuko/Fuku bags than I know what to do with, so if anyone wants my excess, let me know!

NOTE: We do have cats, so if you’re allergic, keep in mind that Ash might have been hanging out around them.

5 - Black
1 - Purple
2 - non-Meh Green
2 - Navy Blue
2 - Tan
1 - Green
2 - Light Blue
1 - Orange
2 - Red
2 - Red Drawstring

Comment here to claim your color, and then whisper me your address. Who knows, I might throw in some trash ahem carefully selected IRK items as well.

Picture of all the bags

My cat in a bag