What's the most entertaining or helpful thing you've gotten in an IRK/FUKO?

brainmist thought this was worth mentioning said

So we’ve heard plenty of complaints about the quality of IRKs. And had the “most boring yet useful” question.

But, as I sit here wearing an IRK jacket that’s become my new fave for 0-50F, having finally emptied my IRK carry-on from a trip a month ago (1 of a set of 3 Olympia hard-side expandable luggage in a raspberry pink I’d never have picked but found very identifiable), thinking about the dinged but very nice air fryer/ toaster oven I ended up rehoming because it was just so darn big…

I’ve gotten a lot of cool stuff! Yeah, a lot of junk that I rehome. Yeah, a lot of Trackrs which I should really figure out what to do with.

But also really cool stuff!

So what’s been your best IRK item?