What service do you use to book vacation packages?

RedHot thought this was worth mentioning said

My wife and I want to go on vacation to somewhere tropical and all-inclusive. I'm very hesitant about using internet travel agents like Travel by Jen and Vacation Express. There are too many horror stories, the vacations seem good for the most part but the agents are non responsive and often rude with considerable mistakes being made.

We're not picky about where it is ideas so far have been Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican but really we want to go somewhere interesting for a great price, not an amazing-to-good-to-be-true-because-it-is price that comes with lots of catches and upgrade fees and tiny print, but a good price with a company that helps to kill some of the stress of travel. What services have you used to book a vacation package? Any help or suggestions fro destinations would be much appreciated.