Weekend D&D Game for One?


So, I know that some of you are into Dungeons and Dragons or D&D. Well, I’ve got an AI-based D&D game for you. The AI is the DM, and you are the player. It’s one player so you can’t play with others. unfortunately. However, it is pretty neat and easy to get into.


How to Start: Pick fast or smarter. Fast means everything is multiple choice the character down to the actions with the option to write out your own actions.

Smarter is more free-form and writing-based, with no numbered options, suggested actions, and so on. Your character creations are 100% your own and are as detailed as you wish to make them. For example, you could create a drow (dark elf) wizard that has lightly enchanted clothing that never gets dirty, stained, or wrinkled and it’ll just be part of your character. The info comes from D&D 5e exclusively I think

You’ll start in the city of Waterdeep and the AI DM seems to be fairly knowledgeable in D&D info.

How to use it: The DM even on the smarter setting sets the table more than tries to throw you into fights. In one example I walked with no trouble to the chamber and got the artifact. So, it’s more like improv rather than a standard D&D game. You have to sort of lead and react to what the DM gives you. If you want to find something to fight you have to kind of mention that. It’s very MUD/AOL chat room RP style if that helps.

And let’s say you don’t want to play all at once, you log off and come back later. It has a rudimentary memory that if you mention your character’s name and details about the adventure you were on it will big a lot of it back up but it will need to be reminded as it will forget parts.

Give it a shot and tell us about your story.