Web-based party games?

DennisG2014 thought this was worth mentioning said

Hi -
Been trying to find a good option for me and a few friends to play some games together online.

The only platform we all have in common is the WWW.

Best option I can find seems to be Jackbox games, but the info on their website is confusing and contradictory.

E.g., in one place it says that screen-sharing is necessary to play together at a distance, but I’m certain I remember playing a game hosted by a Mehtizen where all I needed was to enter a 4 digit code in the online lobby at jackbox.tv.

As I understand it, one of us would have to buy the software to host the game, but the others would only need a browser, but the stuff I read at Jackbox puts that in doubt.

I’m hoping someone here can set me straight on exactly how Jackbox works and also maybe get some other game suggestions.

Not looking for video game games; looking for the kind of stuff Jackbox offers, i.e., trivia, word-games, etc.

Thanks in advance.