Wasn't that nice? (COVID 19 related)

lisaviolet thought this was worth mentioning said

Remember the little dog Jingles we got back in October?

I’ve visited with his previous owner once, she and her daughter visited with us a couple of weeks ago. Nancy (mom, who is in her late eighties) was telling Chrissy about my crafting abilities and it turns out Nancy is into crafting, too! She made invitations and told me all the work she put into them, having to test this or that out to see if it worked. And now, she said she’ll come to me for advice.

Anyway, Chrissy called yesterday and told me that if we needed anything, she works out of the house and she’d be happy to pick it up for us. Groceries, prescriptions, things along those lines.

We’re okay, not at a point where we need help (yet), but I think that was one of the nicest things someone we know has offered us in decades.