Here I was, having to work on a friday (we are on a 9/80 schedule so it’s my 5 day week), kicking myself that I skipped last week’s irk and seeing what awes0me stuff everyone has been getting. But woah! UPS left a huge ass box on my porch. Cat added for scale.
Squeaker and the box
It’s from my Mehitzen and fellow former goat @capnjb THIS GUY really knows how to stalk a profile!
First the meh that made me laugh…
KN95 Masks
A pack of spicy ramen
2 packs of car chargers
2 cell phone screens
2 trackrs (I actually know someone that is going to turn the ones I have into a craft project so they will get passed along)
a corded mouse, cause a computer geek can always use another mouse
powerbank, always handy
glow sticks (love these!)

The nostalgia stuff
a Blondie CD (I’m redoing my roadtrip usb so this will be uploaded to it)
a Lady and the Tramp vinyl record and story book. I remember having several of these when I was a kid. The Peter and the Wolf music scared me!
an atari Space Invaders cartridge (I have a friend that set his kids up a game room with all types of game systems, I will share this one with him)

The Stalker stuff
a pair of cute kitty socks
a case of dark chocolate raisinettes! I’m set for the next 12 trips to the movies
a ball of alpaca yarn, so soft!! I will have to think of something nifty to make with it.
a wireless weather station. How did he know that my old one broke??? I didn’t even post that. He must be psychic too.
assorted tea - not a bad one in the bunch
little model pirate ship, it will go with me on my next cruise
packets of seeds - me and my two dead brown thumbs will do my best to keep these alive
and the best and most shocking of all… a MAH JONGG SET!

I am still in disbelief. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Squeaker says thanks for the box too!
Squeaker in box