This is the unofficial meh exchange (meaning it’s not sponsored by meh), this year I’m your host so blame somebody else if something goes wrong lol.
Sign up starts today, please click the link above. I’ll leave the sign up open till February 1st @ 5pm eastern time. Later that night I’ll draw names so everybody should be able to view their recipient by Feb 2nd. You’ll have till February 14th to stalk your person, ask them questions, fill your box and ship it. After that we’ll start the reveal thread to see what everyone got.

Now for some rules.

-We are using elfster so if you have an account from the exchange years ago you can sign into that.
-please include your user name when you sign up/create an account, there will be a spot to put your shipping address so you can put your real name there or still make it your username. If you don’t include your user name, we won’t know who you are.
-you must ship a box to receive a box, this is not a free present from meh.
-if you’ve screwed people in past exchanges and try to sign up, you will be removed.
-if your sender ask you questions, please answer them. They’re just trying to figure out what to ship you.
-please include your user name when you ship your box so the recipient knows who it came from.
-the wishlist is there for you to fill out to help your sender get a better idea of who you are.
-you are required to a picture in the MEH reveal thread (description is also appreciated) after you open your box.
-please check the box that says you’ve sent your box once you’ve done so.

Now for the PRICE

The minimum you are required to send to participate in this is about $11 after tax. The box is $10.20 to ship. The box size is 8 11/16” x 5 7/16” x 1 3/4” it’s the small box (at usps) that hold about the size of a vhs (remember those). Now do people go above and beyond and send huge, massive boxes filled to the brim? Yes they do. People really get into this and love to send all types of stuff new and used. But you are not required to. That’s why the minimum to participate is the vhs size box and the $11 to ship it.

Now what to put in the box?

-Nothing broken
-No junk
-No trackers, well maybe one as a joke
-This is the time to get creative and some people stalk their person on meh to find out everything about them so they can fill their box with all their favorite things.
-Some people fill boxes with food/alcohol and local stuff from around their town so it’s like a taste from a different city box.
-This is a meh exchange after all so include some meh leftovers in you have them.
-Not everybody is the same and some people don’t like the meh irk stuff. Which was the case of my recipient last year. I sent him a massive box filled with pasta, sauces, oils, soups, breads, jams. A real specialty foodie box.
-Look at the persons wishlist, you don’t have to buy anything off it (people sometime do) it’s there to give you a better idea of the person.
-Don’t put something in the box of you wouldn’t want to get it in return, this isn’t a way to empty the junk out of your house.
-Lastly have fun! This is not supposed to be stressful

Please do not ask me questions pertaining to elfster, I’m the dumbest person when it comes to doing stuff on computers. If you don’t know, I’m the last person to ask. That’s why I keep saying if this goes off without problems I should get a prize.
Now if your person isn’t responding to you and you think they’re fake or anything that is a time to reach out to me. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

If anybody sees anything I missed, as this is my first time, please inform us all.