TurboTax Sucks


I just finished filing our 2018 tax return, and I’m a little pissed because we owed more (we live in a high tax area, and can’t deduct all our sky-high property taxes this year).

While finishing things up though, I realized that I hate using TurboTax. I use it on a Mac. It is slow to open, sometimes crashes, has hundreds of MB of updates to apply every time I open it.
Buying it is expensive, and then they also charge you to file your state return ($24.99), and God help you if you can’t afford it because then they really sock it to you ($44.99) to pay for it out of your refund.

The software continuously asks me to register, which I don’t want to do because whenever I have they spam me all year with crap I don’t want.

When filing our return, they require my driver’s license info and my wife’s to prevent fraud (OK), but then when filing state returns they ask for the same info to be entered again. -That’s not preventing fraud the second time - it is just being a pain in my ass!

So bottom line is that i Have used TurboTax for 18 years, and it took me that long to realize how much I hate it.
What do you use to file your taxes, and do you have any ideas for a cheaper/better option I could use next year?

We have a fairly complicated return (rental property, schedule K-1 for farm income, stock sales, inherited IRA RMDs, etc.), but there must be other options.
I’m considering just doing them by hand next year rather than pay to use software that I hate. Any other ideas?