Tripping Daiso


Today is a state holiday in Texas, so I had the day off. It seemed like a good time to visit Daiso, a new Japanese dollar store in Carrollton. Pictures below for anyone who is curious.

Chestnuts, pizza pretzel sticks, cookies & cream and matcha Pocky sticks, cola candy, tomato and blueberry gummies, milkshake candy and apple jelly candy.

Green juice powder, instant green tea, sake lotion, aloe lotion, hand exerciser and food drawing pen.

Royal Jelly face mask, bamboo charcoal, shoe polish, reading glasses, calligraphy set, smile cube air freshener, pink rabbit correction tape, travel bottle set and double felting needle.

I had more fun things and food items in my basket, but had to exert some self-control and put some of it back. Lots of potential Fuku items here.