TrakR MAXel - Never buy another expensive battery


I think the pixel things are neat (at least for the price) but I hate that they chew up coin cell batteries like a hungry robot during the human eradication apocalypse. A lil solder and a 2AA battery pack later, and I was in business:


I made this monstrosity in September of 2019, and have yet to see the battery report lower than full. I slip this one in a secret compartment in my laptop backpack, and have mostly forgotten about it until I got my latest regrettable purchase of 20 more of these silly things a few days ago.

If you’re handy with the iron and screwdrivers, this could be done (neatly) inside of remote controls with enough room to accommodate the little thing. One small snag is that the front case needs to be attached to enable the connection to the speaker, but this could also be remedied with a little soldering fudgery.