Totally confused right now


So last year, we had some videos of a story which took place in the Meh warehouse which resulted in a confrontation between @hollboll and SantaBot. AKA. The Warehouse Adventures.

For the last year though, I’ve been bothered by it.

I decided to finally address this just to quiet one of the many voices in my head.

Before I do though, here are two pictures.

During the confrontation:

After the confrontation:

OK, now if you’ll look at the 2 pictures, you’ll notice numerous differences.

Included in them are the following:

  1. Different face structure (eyes, nose, chin).
  2. Neck things.
  3. Lack of a necklace after the confrontation.
  4. Clothing differences.
  5. Hair differences (hairline, length).

Now obviously, stuff seems weird right off the bat. Especially since there’s no blood to be seen.

What bothers me further, is the fact that in subsequent videos, everything is back to normal. Someone had to clean it up. For various reasons, I can’t see SantaBot doing so, which leads me to this:
Who cleaned the mess up? Decomposition begins after 1 - 3 days, which would mean there’d be a smell.

If SantaBot didn’t clean up the mess, obviously SOMEBODY did.

In the event that the was no mess, then that means the videos were false. However, this is the internet, and the internet doesn’t lie.