This or That, Day 9


Have you ever come to the conclusion that no matter what you do, nothing changes? Yeah, me neither.

Once again, the write-ins made a good show of it: Wonder Woman (again! that shrew…) and perhaps the winner, Phoebe. Though I have to admit, she was the best reason to watch the show to begin with. I just figured if I put her up against anyone else, it would be a fait accompli.

And someone was so dissatisfied that they said these polls have gone off the rails, though apparently the rails in their world go through Golden Girls. Well…

So today we depart from people, cultural icons, historical cartoon characters, octogenarians (and hopefully Wonder Woman!) and ask a question that has been on the mind of every man at one point or another. No, it’s not

Get your head out of the gutter

Today we ask
Full Beard

or Goatee (see what I did there?)