This or That, Day 5


Well yesterday was an interesting conglomeration of mostly thumbs-up, a couple opines on the unsatisfactory nature of the implied equation of thumbs-up and the OK sign and even a reference to the fact that some people have hijacked the OK sign for nefarious purposes. Well, that was fun, I must say!

So today we consider that which (I hope) will engender the wholesome and spirited debate that can only be inspired by those of unqualified and unadulterated virtue – superheroes!

Now I recognize that there are far more candidates, good and not so, than we could ever list here. But I remind you of the parameters we laid down at the beginning. I give you two choices and you pick between them. Other selections, no matter how objectively superior, are superfluous. Then again, if you can’t help but deviate from the established protocols (a propensity you have already well demonstrated) then that’s an issue for you and your therapist to deal with. No judgment here…well, not overt, anyway.

Based solely on the fact that I was able to find giphys of both expressing the essence of meh, today’s choices are

or Spiderman