This or That, Day 15


Have to be in Binghamton by 9 so you’re getting this early. It’s like a bonus 3 hours of

Well, after a lengthy divergence into the Netherlands and Alabama, and (of course) Wonder Woman, there were plenty of actual opinions expressed that even mostly lined up with the intended conversation. And there was even some cogent reasoning proffered.

So I suspect we need to stay focused on things you actually care about. And I’m sure nothing generates more passion than science, right?

Or not…

Well, anyway, that’s what I picked for today so we’ll have to go with it. You may recall a few years ago a hue and cry went up from the science community (and the general public) over a decision by a group of nerds, ahem, scientists that determined that our beloved ninth planet was, in fact, not a planet.

So we ask,

A planet

or not a planet

I suspect we have at least ONE Mehtizen that has an opinion on this!