They Might Be Giants and You and Us


We love our rad new theme song on its own merits, of course. But a lot of us have also loved They Might Be Giants for literally decades. Both the song and the video "Don't Let's Start" blew my young mind late at night on 120 Minutes. When I bought the self-titled debut and the then-current Lincoln album one fateful weekend in 1988, a friend and I immediately started the Society for the Advancement of They Might Be Giants, pestering everyone at our high school about the greatest band we'd ever heard.

The first real rock-club show I ever saw was They Might Be Giants on the Flood tour in 1990. A few years later, my punk band the Volatiles recorded a cover of "Santa's Beard", and played it live whenever we played a show around Christmas.

We could all quote, at length, that insane phone conversation at the end of the "Hotel Detective" EP: "Intellectuals meet with other intellectuals, speak another language. But who's There May Be Giants? They got the craziest things in that paper. They come over with all - they got the craziest things." Etc. We were annoying nerds, but we can't blame that on the band.

And I might not even be the oldest, biggest TMBG fan at Meh. @snapster bought their first LP on vinyl when it was still their only LP. The band signed his copy of Flood a few years later.

Some of us have now raised our kids on They Might Be Giants, whether it's @snapster's boys taking a bath to "Seven Days of the Week (I Never Go to Work)" or my girls falling asleep to "The Alphabet of Nations".

What about you? Let's hear tales of your encounters with They Might Be Giants...