The @starlamae Introduction Thread


In one of @cardiganb’s thread, a little known (by us) mediocre employee was mentioned: @starlamae. I have tried to coax them to come forward in that thread, but I was only able to get a three word reply. No, it wasn’t “leave me alone”.
So I thought he/she deserved their own introduction thread so we can haras…I mean welcome them!
I want to know what other responsibilities he/she may have at meh. Are they responsible for making sure Glen (hate him) is groomed? Do they have to use a clothing shaver to remove all the little sock dingleberries that he gets? Are they responsible for making sure that no one feeds IRK after midnight? Do they have the artistic talents that seems a requirement of all the new employees now? Inquiring minds want to know.
So maybe we can coax @starlamae out with a warm meh forum welcome!
If he/she wants nothing to do with this thread it is @cinoclav’s fault!