The SimplySafe security systems Meh sold may simply not be that safe...


So yeah, the SimplySafe devices’ accessories transmit their status to the hub on a frequency that can be easily overwhelmed/jammed by a $2 transmitter available online. This means a burglar could stop a door sensor from setting off the alarm when they open it simply by holding down a button for the time the door is open:

Advice from the security researcher since there is no effective protection from this attack:

  1. add a remotely accessible camera to your system and monitor it whenever you get a “Wireless Interference Detected” notification (with the caveat that the system is not always able to detect the interference)
  2. do not use the stickers that come with the kit that tell people your home is protected by SimplySafe - get a sticker from some other alarm/monitoring company if you think a sticker deters would-be robbers.

saw this on BoingBoing and thought anyone who bought these should know