The Merry Month of Meh-Mas- The end of the goathood


For every Meh-tizens it’s been a fun month as the goat and while I suspect @kidsandliz will likely give me a failing grade for my goathood that’s what you get on a mediocre site.

In any case to all you who read this Happy New Year and May all your dreams come true.

As the month ends here is the updates for the month:

Fish tank is Meh

Vasectomy recovery is good

New teenage daughter (now a 13 yr old not a new daughter just to be clear) great but a pain

Work: still pushing for Meh to hire me

Trophy’s: @mike808 like to give everyone a trophy or complain that everyone wants one. In reality don’t we all just want to have some recognition? @mike808 thanks for everything you add to Meh. If anyone wants a trophy as a past goat there is still a thread for you to put your name in. You will just have to see if the trophy is from me or Meh corporate.

With that what are your resolutions for the new year?

/giphy happy new year

Mine? I am going to work at being a better husband, listening more and doing dumb shit less.

Anyway I’m out till I get to bitch at the next goat.

/giphy I’m done