The Meh-dalorian

CaptAmehrican thought this was worth mentioning said

Ok I am into the mandalorian on disney+ . I occasionally watch star wars theory YouTube videos. This has me having made a theory re Irk.
I think Irk is half Yoda species (tridactyle) and half human. Like mules which are a doney horse cross I assume unable to reproduce (thank goodness) and unable to wield the force except to mind trick people into buying speaker docks.
I am trying to decide is Irk the love child of Yaddle and @snapster or
@thumperchick and Yoda

Evidence option 1
Yaddle and @snapster

  1. IRK has been around since beginning at meh
  2. Could have gotten his mind trick sell speakerdocks from his dad
  3. @snapster has been known to eat breakfast octopus and that is similar to soup in episode 12

Evidence option 2

  1. I think @thumperchick was a mehber before staff she clearly is trying to be near her child (was he stollen away by mediocre forces?)
  2. Yoda and Irk both speak as if they are somehow wiser then those around them