The January 2020 blues and an alternative: good books, audiobooks, and other excellent reading


How about an audiobook deal? Damn good, esp for those who wish to avoid amazon or want an alternative:
Offer ends Feb 7, 2020.
$71.93 plus sales tax for 12 credits which translates to 12 books

This will auto-renew in one year at the regular price. So … remember to cancel if you don’t want that. Set an alarm/reminder.
Spend all your credits before you cancel your membership!!!

The books are yours for life. I would imagine the selection is good, as kobo has been in the e-book biz seriously.
I hope the player and the CS are decent but don’t know.

Kobo i think started as a Canadian company? But now they are owned by Rakuten, an enormous Japanese Corp. and in the US they partner with Walmart online. (So that if you purchase e-books or downloadable audiobooks from Walmart, you own them on Kobo.)

So this isn’t a way to avoid purchasing from an enormous Corp.

Still, v decent deal. I’ve never seen 12 audible credits at anything near this price.

If you want more non-amazon, non-google, and non-Apple sources for purchasing downloadable audiobooks, check out the v nice
which has excellent daily deals. Also try

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