The Big Easter Storm... {Necropost}


Hope you folks who already are dealing with this storm (that is supposed to track across much of the USA today and tomorrow) are surviving it OK. It just arrived here as I type. I can see out my window that high winds are whipping the trees around big time, thunder… The TV programming was just interrupted with a tornado warning and the weather guy is enjoying his 15 seconds of fame… (well more likely his 10 hours of fame today). Storms are apparently traveling at around 50mph and most of it is still next door in LA, AR… The weather map looks ugly.

I moved my car to the hospital parking garage down the street in case the large hail predicted actually hits here. Got lucky and have one of the partly underground spots where there is a solid wall by my car and not the open one on the far end of that floor (parking garage is on the side of a hill).

Hope people are missed by the predicted tornadoes, wind sheer, and large hail.

Edit: holy crap somewhere or other has winds of 100mph. Good luck everyone in its path yesterday, today or in the future.