Thanksgoating - Day twelve. I do


Today I am celebrating 22 years of my wife putting up with me. Marriage is hard work. And sadly, often, it doesn’t end well. This summer my parents celebrated 63 years. They have been fantastic role models.

Today I am thankful for a happy marriage.

And that’s not to say it’s been perfect. We’ve had PLENTY of stupid arguments. But over the years we’ve gotten pretty good at taking some time to cool off and then saying, ‘That was dumb. I didn’t handle that well. I’m sorry’. It’s not always as easy as that, but we typically wake up the next day feeling like the kids we were when we met. I still love holding her hand.

I love my wife so much. I’m not embarrassed to say that either. And I need her. So much. On paper, I’m a smart guy. But when my wife goes out of town, I become a certified idiot. I honestly could never be single again. I’d be worthless. She centers me.

I was raised to be chivalrous. I’m the provider, I’m the bug killer, I can fix anything, and I will always get the door for my best gal. But last year when I had my thing, my wife got blind-sided by all stuff I had been shouldering. She had to figure it all out… and she took care of business. I got to see just how strong my wife really is. And I fell even more in love with her.

I’m not a relationship councelor, but I’ll give one bit of advice. Find someone with the same sense of humor as you. I was attracted to my Jenny the first time I saw her smile. And I can make her laugh at any moment of any day. I feel kind of selfish because I do it just so I can see that smile any time I want to.

Ok… sorry… this drivel has become sappy and I’ve rambled on a bit long. If you have a significant other, give them a pat on the butt and a kiss on the lips. And let them see you smile. If you don’t have one, keep an eye out for someone who makes you laugh.

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So, this is pretty much a love letter to my wife that she’ll never read. But I don’t mind telling the world how good I’ve got it. I’ve got to go cook breakfast. See ya!