Thanksgoating - Day thirteen. Hi hungry, I'm dad

capnjb thought this was worth mentioning said

As I’ve mentioned before, I get up pretty early. A little after 4:00 for the most part. My daughter started high school this year and is in a pretty awesome program but it’s not close. So it’s an early start to the day. She gets up a little after 5:00, makes her breakfast and comes down to the basement to watch a cartoon while I’m futzing about on my computer.

I always greet her with a dad joke when she comes down. I get one of three responses. An eye roll. A dead stare. Or a chuckle. If this was Major League Baseball I’d guess I’m batting about .325 with the chuckles.

So today I’m thankful I can make my kid laugh

But I’m running low…. If you’ve got one. Or seven. Please share.

I’ll get this started with the last one that made her laugh. And this was homegrown. But I’m going to need some audience participation.

Knock, Knock.