Thanksgoating – Day The Last. Adieu

capnjb had a video to watch said

Well, here we are. End of the road.

It has been wonderful to spend the month with you all. Thank you for letting me spill my thoughts upon this canvas. I really did have a very busy month, but I did my best. When @kyeh messaged me and asked if I’d be ok doing this, my immediate response was, ‘No. Life is too hectic at the moment.‘ Then I thought about it for a bit and decided that this might just be everything I needed right now. It was. And it’s been fun. Thank you all.

I’ve been through some things. Thanks for letting me share a bit of my story. It’s been helpful to have the conversation. I’ll not draw this last one out, so in the words of Douglas Adams, So long and thanks for all the fish… and the therapy.

It’s time for me to go to the upside down.

T-Minus Zero. All systems are go.

Lift off.