Test Teas Triday (Fest Feas Friday)


I have to acknowledge, the In House Hipster Intern: Salinger raised some good points, but it’s time to teach them how to blend the old with the new.

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Introducing, INDIGO PUNCH (shout out to our good friend @Barney)

Indigo Punch

This is another tea from Harney and Sons, and it’s purple!


Close enough? Maybe not. But let me paint you a word picture.

I took some water. Plain. Boring even. Then I jazzed it up with some bubbles. 32 oz of 209°F water, with 4 tsp of leaves left to sit for 5 minutes provided us with a clean quart of indigo tea that smelled strongly of citrus.

The reviews came back pretty consistent.

Smell: 9/10. It’s a beautiful color and very clear.
cup and leaves

Smell: 6.5. It smells strongly of citrus, but also reminded some people of “watered down purple Gatorade.”

Taste: Here’s where it all fell apart. 3.5/10. Some people thought it tasted weak, others again were reminded of Gatorade.

After much discussion, we realized it was actually @HiDefStatic’s fault this tasted so weak.