Tattoos. Or. When The Community Does Something Unexpected.


Let’s address the elephant in the room.


When we started developing the birthday games, I, very early in the process, made a joke about having a contest where we ask everyone to get IRL Meh tattoos. We laughed. It was funny. I came up with an idea for absurd prize that would never work. So we moved on with the marker tattoo idea.

But then we threw the joke in about the real tattoo.

And here we are.

First off, wow. It’s incredible that we had anyone, let alone multiple someones, go out and get tattoos of Meh related items. It means so much to us that you would care so much about us (or so little about you) that you’d make that sacrifice.

It should be noted that NO ONE that works here has Meh tattoos. So you really did something special.

So let’s talk about prizes.

Here’s what we’re doing.

I’m talking to you @raptorgorawr and @themeerkat

You’re going to get a fuko…errrr…Instant Regret Kits each time they’re available. Each time we offer an IRK, we’re just going to send you one. The only thing we need in return is a fresh photo of your tattoo each time. You know the kind of photo I’m talking about. Hostage photo. With the newspaper or a date on something like your water bill. To show it’s current. And to show us how well these tattoos age.
We’ll do this for as long as we can. Hopefully forever. Or until we forget or you tell us to stop after your third rage quit or something like that. But we’re going to make every effort to make sure you get them. No guarantees or anything I guess, but this should be pretty cool.

So there you go.

Oh, and the rest of you still have about 24 hours to get real tattoos. I’m not promising you’ll also get a prize. I’m just saying that you can still do it and see what happens. No guarantees. YMMV.

Seriously though. Everyone in the office here was impressed. We all collectively said “Whoa” when we saw the real tattoos. Thanks for that.